Tips for Trips

Some interesting tips for trips

Aquapark in Senec

Water park Senec – is located only 15 km from our pension Gróbsky Dvor. With its focus, it provides year-round relaxation in 8 pools with a water temperature of 28-38 degrees Celsius for children and adults. During the summer season, the area offers up to 13 swimming pools with various attractions such as water slides, kamikaze slides, a quad track slides for competitions with friends and so on. The water park, of course, has a sauna world and massage services, while all types of saunas and two intensive whirlpool pools are available. There are also beach volleyball courts and a children’s playground

Tip na výlet - Aquapark senec
Tip na výlet - Oáza Sibírskeho tigra

The oasis of the Siberian tiger

The oasis of the Siberian tiger- is another tip for a beautiful trip, especially with children. It is located near the village Kostolná pri Dunaji, which is about 20 minutes of travel by car directly from our pension. This protected place for the Ussuri-Siberian tiger has been built since 1999. Here you will find an imitation of the natural environment together with plants, water and lying wooden stumps and raised perches, which serve young and adult tigers for their natural play. The area, in which tigers move has an area of half a hectare and is surrounded by forest and fields.


Red Stone Castle – is only 22 km away from us. The beginnings of this castle date back to the first half of the 13th century. At first, the castle was a royal property and later, as its owner, several important aristocratic families took over, including Matúš Čák Trenčiansky, the lords of Svätý Jur and Pezinok town, Zápoľskí family and Turzovci family.\nDuring the whole season, this castle is full of various events that are suitable for children and adults. In the castle grounds there is a beautiful garden for pleasant walks and relaxation.

Tip na výlet - Hrad Červený Kameň
Tip na výlet - Golf v blízkom okolí

Golf in the area

Golf in the area – in the vicinity of our pension Grobský dvor, golf enthusiasts will also enjoy their passion for this sport. You can use in particular

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