Husacina - goose feast in Slovensk√Ĺ Grob

¬†Legend says, that the roasted goose enchanted Maria Theresa so much, that she kept returning to Slovensk√Ĺ Grob regularly‚Ķ

Slovensk√Ĺ Grob and husacina (roasted goose meat) is a couple, that is known almost everywhere in the world

Slovensk√Ĺ Grob is a village in Slovakia like any other, but still this village has something special and very typical.

Probably only few destinations around the world are as closely connected with a tradition of goose meat like Slovensk√Ĺ Grob and husacina. This picturesque village under the Carpathians is known on all continents of the world. Grob¬īs Roasted Goose has already been tasted by perhaps all the nationalities on our planet.

Roasted geese and goose feasts have been an integral part of this special village for decades. This traditional food has withstood all trends and changes and has been preserved in its original state to this day.

  • The best goose tastes when baked in the oven used by our ancestors. Traditions must be preserved, that is why in our restaurant Grobsk√Ĺ Dvor we roast geese just like our fathers and grandfathers did. Not only the food but also the perfect gastronomic experience must be baked to its perfection.

Slovensk√Ĺ Grob - trad√≠cia dobre husaciny

Goose is not just food, it is mainly an experience.

¬†We pay attention to details so that the goose experience is as pleasant as possible. We will seat you in very comfortable chairs, from which you will not even want to stand up. For starters, you can enjoy roasted goose in a variety of ways. Inseparable throws include real Grobsk√° lokŇ°a (potato pancakes) and stewed red cabbage. Not spilling goose with good wine or spirits is literally a sin. With us, you can choose from quality wines or spirits. You can also enjoy great Carpathian wines in our wine cellar.

An integral part of every good restaurant is perfect service. Husacina and other Grob¬īs goodies will be brought to you by helpful and kind staff.


Do you not want to go home yet and do you want to enjoy the goose as long as possible? We will call you a reliable taxi or you can stay in our guest- house.

Enjoy your meal

Husacina na stole
Prav√° Grobsk√° peńćen√° hus

Real roasted Grob¬īs goose.

The geese that we are preparing for you are bred in the free range on our farm in southern Slovakia.

We bake goose in the traditional way. It is the most often served with lokŇ°a (potato pancake) and stewed red cabbage.

  • As it is well known, goose meat is not cheap. Goose meat is not only one of the most expensive, but also loses a significant part of its live weight during roasting. It is an exceptional delicacy, how we can treat ourselves a few times a year. Come and enjoy an exceptional taste of golden-roasted goose in our restaurant Grobsk√Ĺ Dvor – we will be more than happy to welcome you.

Traditional Grob¬īs potato pancake - lokŇ°a

 The history of this special food dates back to the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Over time, they have become an integral part of our menu.

Hand – rolled potato pancakes baked on a dry plate. We serve them with a baking dish. They are perhaps the most traditional side dish to goose. LokŇ°a (potato pancake) stuffed with goose liver pate is also very popular.

They can also be prepared as a dessert with homemade plum jam and poppy seeds or nuts.


Grobsk√© lokŇ°e k husacine
Husacia peńćienka

Goose roast

The delicacy and tenderness of our Foie Gras testifies to the fact that the geese were fed corn and had a free range. We are preparing it in several ways. For example, as a pate or in the form of a roasted liver with wine jelly. Goose roast is a really delicious food that has already been appreciated by countless satisfied guests.


For guests, who want to organize a wedding, corporate celebration, festive lunch or just lunch with family and friends and do not want goose, we can compile a menu on request. In addition, you can choose from our regular menu.

Husacina - Menu

Grob¬īs Goose meat
1 pc. Grob¬īs roast goose ( for 4-5 people) 99.00 ‚ā¨
¬ľ Grob¬īs roast goose 25.00 ‚ā¨
1 kg Goose liver 88.00 ‚ā¨
150 g Goose liver 15.00 ‚ā¨
150 g Goose liver with pear puree and wine jelly 18.00 ‚ā¨
60 g Goose liver pate with toast 6.50 ‚ā¨
35 g LokŇ°a (potato pancake) with fat 2.20 ‚ā¨
60 g Walnut lokŇ°a (potato pancake) with plum jam 3.80 ‚ā¨
60 g Poppy lokŇ°a (potato pancake) with plum jam 3.80 ‚ā¨
35 g Gluten- free lokŇ°a (potato pancake) 2.30 ‚ā¨
60 g LokŇ°a (potato pancake) stuffed with goose liver pate 6.50 ‚ā¨
150 g Red stewed cabbage 3.00 ‚ā¨
350 g Salad (great with goose meat) 7.00 ‚ā¨
1 pc. Homemade loaf of bread 4.00 ‚ā¨
1 pc. Homemade poppy ‚Äď cherry strudel and curd - apricot strudel 4.00 ‚ā¨


What kind of breeding do geese come from?

Good goose cannot be made of poor quality meat. All geese come from our farm in southern Slovakia.

  • They have a free range.
  • Raised natural food.

All these factors give husacina (goose meat) an exceptional taste.

For how many people is one goose?
  • 1 pc. roast goose is enough for 4 to 5 people.

If you are planning a corporate event or a family celebration with a larger number of people, we will advise you how many geese will be enough.

Can people with celiac disease also consume goose?

¬†Yes, people with celiac disease can also consume goose. On request, we can also prepare gluten – free lokŇ°a (potato pancake) as a side dish to roast and roast goose, or sweet lokŇ°a (potato pancake).

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