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Grobský Dvor is a beautiful place in Slovenský Grob, where the best goose meat is served and where you can relax perfectly.

A lot of great food, wine, memories - all at one place….

Grobský Dvor | Tradition- Quality – Style

Husacina - Roasted goose made Slovenský Grob a famous village all over the world

If you say roasted goose, almost everyone will assign Slovenský Grob to it. Thanks to this delicious food, it is not only known to our local people, but it is probably known in all corners of the world. In our family restaurant Grobský Dvor,  guests from America to Japan have already given themselves a visit to our family restaurant and have always left not only with a full belly, but also with a smile on their face.

“Husacina” – Roasted goose is not only a tradition, but also an exhibition cabinet of Slovenský Grob. Come and enjoy the best goose in the beautiful and stylish environment of Grobský Dvor. We will serve it to you with homemade Lokša (potato pancakes) and stewed red cabbage.

Experiential goose in Slovenský Grob at Grobský Dvor restaurant.

Suitable natural conditions in the village of Slovenský Grob enabled the breeding of geese. The geese were baked on Friday in clay baking pans and bread ovens, where they were given the right color, aroma and taste. This delicious goose meat was sold on the market in Svätý Jur and Bratislava on Saturdays. In the sixties and seventies, gourmets and gourmets began to go to the village to roast geese – they simply knew, that the best roasted goose was only there… Husacina became a symbol of Slovenský Grob.

  • This tradition continues to this day and has become more widespread. You can enjoy a good goose all year round in our family restaurant Grobský Dvor.

The goose is served with traditional Lokša (potato pancakes), sauerkraut, burčiak and Carpathian wines. We offer goose specialties to our guests all year round. Embroidery, stick lace and carving have a long tradition in folk art.


Grobský Dvor- place where you will relax.

Opening hours:

Mon. - Tue. — To order
Wed. - Sat. — 11.30 - 22:00
Sunday — 11.30 - 21:00

Vajnorská 3
900 26 Slovenský Grob

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